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What sort of activity to do and where to do it

You’ve probably noticed that despite all the challenges that we are all facing with coronavirus, public health advice is focused on ensuring that we try and stay active to manage our wellbeing. 

There’s loads of advice on-line about what to do during coronavirus. However, Sport England has a new campaign called Join The Movement and they have compiled lots of tips and resources, which you can access via this link: 

The activity grid in the mayathon app includes all the activities you’d expect to see, such as running, cycling, walking, aerobics etc., so it’s easy to keep track of what you’ve been doing – but we’ve also included a few others that might be useful now that many of us are stuck at home.

All the activities still get your energy levels up and still make you feel good:

Dancing icon

If you’re bored of doing circuits or going for a run, and you want to be happy, try dancing! Our data shows this is the activity that reports the highest happiness scores. To help you, check out the mayathon playlists on Spotify and get dancing. And if you’re not feeling shy, post some photos or video on our @mayathonbuddy social feeds.

Stair climbing icon

Maybe mix things up when you’re stuck at home and do a stair challenge for 26 minutes? Challenge your buddy to see how long you can climb up and down without stopping – or who can climb a mountain first! For example, if you climb 6 flights a minute for 26 minutes, then you can conquer Ben Nevis in 4 days! We’ve calculated some mountains and buildings for you to conquer in this link here

Obviously, this might be easier if you live in a block of flats rather than a bungalow.

Gardening logo
For those of you lucky enough to have a garden, doing some hard work that gets the heart pumping and works out a range of muscles is an excellent way to not only get the benefits of exercise, it can really help improve mood and reduce anxiety or stress.
Shopping icon
Why not walk to the shops rather than taking the car and carry the bags back home? Even if you don’t need anything, maybe an elderly or isolated neighbour does – be their buddy for the day and do a good deed.

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