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Please listen to the public health advice
We just want to say that we all need to do our bit and follow the official advice if we want to keep everyone safe.
Being active during the coronavirus crisis
It’s always been the case that doing some physical activity, ideally every day, can help to improve our overall wellbeing and mood. Physical activity can boost our immune systems and reduce anxiety and stress.

These benefits are probably more important now than ever.
How mayathon helps during coronavirus

Whilst social distancing remains, the buddy system will help you stay connected (emoji messaging and a WhatsApp link are built in the buddy boosts).  The video gallery and the what to do & where to do it sections of our website have lots of suggestions for how you can stay active, including if you are stuck indoors.  Also, if the pattern of your daily life has now changed, the focus of doing 26 minutes of exercise a day will help you build a routine, which is important for helping our mental wellbeing.

Other resources

Public Health England has put together detailed advice on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus. Click here for their latest advice.

Remember though, if you are self-isolating check the government advice on what to do. Click here for the latest advice on self-isolation.

CMO guidelines on physical activity
The principles of mayathon are aligned with the UK Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) guidelines on the type, frequency and amount of physical activity that is required to achieve health benefits.

Here are a couple of useful infographics that summarise what is recommended for adults and children. You will see that mayathon is aligned with this advice.

These infographics come from the CMO report, which also explains the link between physical activity and improved mental health. You can access the report and read here.

Social distancing

Please make sure that you follow government advice on social distancing. In general, we are being asked to keep at least 2 metres away from others and to maintain good hygiene by washing our hands regularly for 20 seconds. This advice does not necessarily stop us from being outdoors and staying active, but please remember the 2-metre guideline if you do go outside.

The advice may change and so the best way to stay safe and up to date on the advice is to keep an eye on it. You can do that via this link on social distancing which also contains advice on how to help those self-isolating and how to look after our mental wellbeing at this time.

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