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Buddying up

mayathon is much more fun with a buddy and is a great way for both of you to stay motivated and encourage each other to do your mayathon minutes every day. In fact, during the May 2020 mayathon marathon, people with buddies did an amazing 38% more days on average than those without one. It just goes to show that you should never underestimate buddy-power.

Inviting a buddy

Registering and buddying-up

During registration, if you have not worked out who you want your buddy to be (or you know your likely buddy has not yet downloaded the app), you will be directed towards hitting the instruction that says ‘I’ll invite my buddy later’.

As soon as your friend has downloaded the app, you can invite them to be your buddy from the ‘Invites and info’ screen. This is explained below.

Buddying-up with a friend who has already downloaded the app (and neither of you have a buddy)

If you and a friend have both downloaded the app, but did not invite anyone as part of the registration, then the easiest way is for one of you to go in to ‘Invites & info’ and hit the big orange button that says add buddy.  This will send a notification to the other person. When they tap on the notification they will be taken straight to the ‘Invites & info’ page of the app. At the top of the screen, there will be a buddy request for them to accept. Your accounts are then linked.

Buddying-up with a friend during registration (when you know your friend has already downloaded the app)

During registration, when you are in the ‘Buddying-up’ screen, the app will ask you to enter your friend’s email address if they have already downloaded the app. Just enter the email they used to register and then hit the orange ‘send buddy request’ button.

They will then get a buddy request notification. If they miss this notification, they can still accept the request from the ‘Invites & info’ screen by pressing the orange accept text.

Inviting a friend to download the app and become your buddy 

If you have downloaded the app and want to invite your friend to join you, go to the ‘Invites and info’ screen and hit the big orange ‘Add buddy’ button. Enter their email address and you’ll get the option to send them a ready-made invitation to download the app. This message is an invitation to your buddy to download the app and doesn’t mean that your accounts will be automatically linked.

When your buddy downloads the app, they should put your email address into the box at the buddy part of the registration process. You will then receive a buddy notification message asking you to accept them as a buddy. You can also accept their request in the ‘Invites & info’ section of the app.  Once you accept this invitation, you and your buddy’s accounts are linked. 

What to do if you get stuck

If you have tried to buddy-up, but something has gone wrong, don’t give up. We know it can go wrong sometimes, so please see the FAQs here for more tips on how to buddy-up

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