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How it works

Buddy-up (virtually) with a friend, family member or colleague and support each other to do 26 minutes of exercise a day. Here’s the best way to buddy-up

It can be any activity and it’s not competitive. We don’t care how far or how fast you go, just that you do your 26 minutes and help your buddy to do theirs.

Why it’s called mayathon
The buddy system is at the heart of mayathon and the ‘may’ of mayathon stands for ‘me and you’. The ‘athon’ part of the name refers to a marathon – although in mayathon you only do 26 minutes rather than 26 miles.
Why 26?
You’re probably asking ‘what’s so great about the number 26?’ And it’s a good question.

First, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer recommends that we should do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. If you do mayathon every day, you’ll clock up 182 minutes a week and, even if you were to miss a day, you’d still be up at 156.

The second reason relates to habit-forming. A number of studies have shown that it takes at least 21 repetitions of something before you are well on the way to forming a habit and the mayathon app shows you very simply how many times you – and your buddy – have completed your 26 minutes.
How to join in
Download the free mayathon app to your phone from either the Apple or Android app stores. It’s easy to register and the app helps you to log your daily activity & mood and to support your buddy. Keep an eye out, too, for special challenges we’ll be introducing.
Why being active is important
There’s a lot of science which shows that people who do some sort of physical activity most days improve their overall wellbeing too.

Each week there are about 10 million people in the UK who say that their mental health isn’t great – and now that we are all having to adapt to live with social-distancing, the need to stay active (and connected) has never been greater.
Supporting a buddy

Having a buddy is at the heart of mayathon because supporting each other is a great way to keep you motivated and make sure that you do your 26 minutes of activity each day.

Although you (probably) won’t be doing your 26 minutes of activity with your buddy physically alongside you, their mayathon app will be linked to yours, so you’ll be able to use it to support and encourage each other without having to meet up.

The buddy system is an important feature in normal times, but it’s now even more vital given that we can’t see our friends, family or colleagues nearly as much as we used to. Here’s the best way to buddy-up

Boosting your buddy

As soon as you’ve finished your 26 minutes, your buddy will receive a notification inviting them to send you a boost. From the app, your buddy can then send you an emoji or message via WhatsApp.

Of course, this also means that they know for sure that you’ve done your 26 minutes and that they can’t let you down by not doing theirs.

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