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Be active, stay well, support a friend

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mayathon is a new, free app to help people feel healthier, happier and more connected.

Buddy-up (virtually) with a friend and support each other to do 26 minutes of exercise a day

About mayathon
The mayathon marathon
mayathon activity icons
What sort of activity to do and where to do it
mayathon is not about how far, how fast or how many calories you burn, it’s just about doing your 26 minutes. In fact, you don’t even have to do your 26 minutes all in one go. You can hit the pause button on the countdown clock and start it again whenever you’re ready.
Video gallery
To help you with your 26 we’ve put together a small collection of short videos, including ones for kids. These will give you some ideas on how to do your mayathon minutes and to keep things fresh – especially whilst stuck at home.
Your wellbeing
Around 10million people in the UK experience a mild to moderate mental health condition in any given week. That can be anything from anxiety and loneliness through to depression, so if you’re one of those people you’re not alone.

The good news is that there’s a lot more support available than ever before. Click on the logos or link below and you’ll find some useful information and tools to help you manage your mental health.

Mental health charity Mind has lots of resources on its website here

Your happiness

Get some inspiration from these podcasts. One of the most popular is The Happiness Lab, by Yale Professor Dr Laurie Santos – a world expert on happiness. Since the Coronavirus started, over 2 million people have listened to her podcasts. A key finding in Dr Santos’ research is that people underestimate the effect that simple lifestyle habits can have on our overall feelings of wellbeing.

There are some other great happiness-related podcasts available, but we really like Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, where she talks to incredible people about life, loss, love and everything else, but with an aim to understand what happiness means to different people:

Mental health and wellbeing during coronavirus

If you’re isolated or just feeling anxious about coronavirus, here are some ideas on how you can look after your mental wellbeing at this difficult time. One thing that is probably important to note is that right now, none of us are feeling normal or even know how to feel.

The Finish Line Finale on 26 May

mayathon is a great way to fundraise for a charity or good cause and it will certainly give you added motivation to keep going until the end.

mayathon is not just about being active, it’s also about helping each other – so we thought it would be fun to cross the finish line together and use this as a great way to fundraise for a charity or good cause. The idea is for as many of us as possible to do our final 26 minutes of the mayathon marathon at 2pm * on 26 May.

To make that as easy as possible, we’ve teamed up with the 2.6 challenge who have persuaded JustGiving and VirginMoneyGiving to waive their platform fees. This means your chosen charity will receive the maximum amount possible from your mayathon efforts.

It’s easy to set up a fundraising page from one of the buttons below.

Just let us know on the @mayathonbuddy social channels who you are raising money for using #FinishLineFinale.  Here’s a couple of great examples of fundraising already taking place for the mayathon marathon

social examples

Good luck to everyone doing the mayathon marathon and we hope to be joined by as many of you as possible at 2pm on Tuesday 26 May!

*The marathon is 26.2 miles because in the 1908 Olympic marathon, the course was extended so that it could finish in front of the royal box in the stadium! Ever since, the official marathon distance has been set as 26.2 miles.

Our social channels

There will be lots of activity on our social channels to keep you inspired, so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share your stories using
There will be lots of activity on our social channels to keep you inspired, so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share your stories using
Buddy characters
Buddy characters

We’ve made some gifs of our mayathon buddy pair for you to have a bit of fun with. The Bear and the Turtle shaking their booty or giving each other a high-five…what’s not to like? They are free for you to download and use on your social or chat channels.

mayathon buddies

We’ve put together some Spotify playlists and podcasts to help you through your daily 26 minutes. We have included a ‘Two Fingers to Coronavirus’ but there are plenty of others from big-beats to chilled-out yoga playlists for you to choose from.

Just click on any of the playlists and they’ll play directly from your Spotify account. If you don’t have a Spotify account, then you will need to set one up. We have no relationship with Spotify and won’t make any money if you do take out a subscription with them. Spotify just happens to be the most popular platform for music sharing.

Plus more
Public health & coronavirus
We’ve all become much more aware of public health in the recent weeks. That’s a good thing. We have included some resources here that we think are interesting (and maybe something you might want to read whilst stuck at home), such as why being active remains important.

You’ll also find important information on how to ensure we all stay safe, including links to regularly updated official information sources.
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